compact packaged substations


  • Compact concrete substations (type UK, BK)
  • Compact steel plate substations (type SIK)
  • Compact steel plate substations (type SI)

Application areas for the types UK and BK

  • Local network packaged substation for public power supply
  • Mains power supply and transformer substations for industry
  • Transformer substations for construction site power supply
  • Substation for wind turbines, CHPPs and solar systems

Application areas for the types SIK and SI

  • Transformer substations for export, especially overseas and to tropical countries
  • Grid connection substations for wind farms
  • Substations for wind turbines above 1 MW
  • Inverter power stations for photovoltaic systems


  • Personnel safety
    • Arcing fault safety (internal fault) through pressure reduction and cooling of arcing gases
    • Penetration safety (penetration from outside) through use of air grids (special profile) which prevent piercing!
    • Internal door hinges which prevent unhinging from the outside (vandalism)
  • Economy
    • Long service life through partitioning of the switchgear spaces to avoid the penetration of dirt and moisture
    • Heat insulation of doors, roof and walls (of steel plate substations) to prevent the formation of condensation on the switchgear
  • Environmental compatibility
    • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • Adherence to the 26th BlmSchV (German Federal Ordinance for Pollution Control).
    • Problem-free disposal through use of recyclable materials (concrete, steel, aluminium, copper)
    • Transformer oil sump made of highly-compressed, oil-resistant concrete with special coating, TÜV-certified and monitored.
    • Use in water protection areas is possible
  • Flexibility
    • Modular system
    • Possible to fit various components
    • Multiple choices for the exterior design (various colours, brick slip cladding, pebble dash)
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